Begiradak festival begins. Primary school students from San José Ikastetxea and from the English School filled the Donostia Aquarium to attend the screening of the short films. SANTI UGALDE -a well known Basque film and television actor- was present throughout the first day of the festival.


Today the Intxaurrondo Hegoa school and Santo Tomas Lizeoa participated in the Begiradak Festival. Students gathered at the AQUARIUM, with the actress and director OLATZ BEOBIDE, to share the screening of the short films.


The Aita Larramendi Ikastetxea school attended the screening at the AQUARIUM. UNAI GUERRA -cinema professional and head of the audiovisual department of Larrotxene Kulturetxea- shared the day with secondary school students. In addition, we were able to see the short film made by the students of the same school the previous year, within the ‘Begirada Kontzienteak’ program.


Fourth day of screenings of Begiradak and the AQUARIUM is also full today. Students from the Oriarte and Sustaker Institute shared this screening day with the film producer FINA SALEGI.


Second week of Festival screenings. This week the screenings are at CINES TRUEBA in Donostia. On Monday, students from Santo Tomas Lizeoa shared the day and an interesting colloquium with BLANCA ZARAGÜETA, screenwriter and film director.


Secondary school students from the Antigua Luberri, Summa Aldapeta and Ekintza centers gathered today at the Begiradak Festival. They shared this experience with the film director JON GARAÑO, with whom they had the opportunity to chat with about the projects they have seen and to consult their doubts about their work and cinema in general.


Today we had an interesting screening of short films with secondary school students from the English School, with whom we chatted to on the subject of human rights, which was presented in some of these projects. JOSEAN GÓMEZ, who enjoyed the conversation with them, was with us.


Today we enjoyed the last screening day of the Begiradak Festival. Students from San Benito Ikastola and the Why Not Foundation were with us and shared this moment with JAVI AGIRRE AND ALAZNE AMEZTOY, renowned film professionals. We want to thank SADE and the AQUARIUM of Donostia for being with us. But above all, we want to thank all the students who have made it possible for the Begiradak Festival to be full of creativity, curiosity and interest. THANKS!