Michel Gaztambide, jurado de Begiradak

Ángel Aldarondo

For two decades he has combined his work between advertising, television, video clips and short films. He has recently written the series Hondar Ahoak and Una Historia de Vasconia or the program A Bocados, and is in the process of creating the series Su Hotza and a documentary on Rafael Berrio.

Mentxu Arrieta, jurado de Begiradak

Blanca Zaragüeta

Creator of the Cinema in the Classroom program and the Begiradak Film Festival, Blanca has worked in professional cinema making feature films in the department of production, direction and decoration. Her motherhood gave him another perspective on cinema, creating educational projects and facilitating the making of short films in schools.

Olatz Beobide

He began to do theater at the Liceo de Santo Tomás de San Sebastián. After graduating from ANTZERTI, he received training at the London Theater Center. He has worked with numerous Basque companies (In Fraganti, Errudun Jaioak, Oleanna, Zaldi urdina …) and is currently working with Hackerrak. In addition to being the director of Goenkale for 7 seasons, she has made several films.

Fernando Vera

Graduated in Teaching from the University of Zaragoza and trained at the Bigas Luna Film Workshop, the New York Film Academy and different courses in scriptwriting, directing and production. Audiovisual producer with more than 20 years of experience. He has spent years preparing and implementing educational programs that take cinema as a pedagogical tool in different schools.

Esperanza Luffiego, jurado de Begiradak

Koldo Agirre

He studied photography and lighting at the Andoain film school. She began her professional career in 2015 as a camera assistant in films such as Kale Begiak, Errementari or series such as There Down and The Zone. In 2018, she decided to take her path working on her own behalf and dedicated herself to combining the work of camera and editor in advertisements, video clips, documentaries or television programs.

Zuriñe Adrada, jurado del Festival Begiradak

Unai Giménez

In 2009 he started as a sound meritorious in the movie Estrellas que Alcanzar and in 2010, he joined the Bainet TV production company, in which he has participated in several jobs. He has worked as the last person in charge of filming in national productions such as El Hoyo and in 2019 he won the award for best sound at the International Film Festival for Democratic Memory.

Unai Guerra

Filmmaker and Professor at the Casa de Cultura Larrotxene. Unai participates in the talks with the students and coordinates the collaboration with the Casa de Cultura Larrotxene, which participates each year in the Festival with the short films made in its audiovisual workshops.