This is a space for dialogue and practice where you can find formulas to introduce audiovisual language in the classroom. The dialogue group is made up of film professionals, primary school, secondary school and the school of education teachers, students and institutional representatives.
We have held five forums associated with Begiradak, each year with a specific and/or concrete objective:
  • Forum 2015: Round table discussion regarding various experiences of cinema in the classroom at the state level.
  • Forum 2016: The first Begiradak Festival Cinema and Education Forum came about with the aim of proposing concrete initiatives to promote working with cinema in the classroom. We brought together representatives from different backgrounds regarding making cinema in the classroom at the national level, used as a starting point for reflection in promoting audiovisual education in schools.
  • Forum 2017: We promoted this space for reflection and debate. More than twenty-five educators and students from all over Spain participated, with the aim of providing a point of view not only cinematographic, but didactic and innovative, reinforcing education in schools.
  • Forum 2018: We showed an audiovisual example directed towards teachers and institutional representatives in order to show how different educational skills can be worked on when carrying out an audiovisual exercise; how to work with cinema in the classroom.
  • Forum 2019: This year the Forum was dedicated to human rights. For this, we screened the human rights themed short films made by secondary school and high school students and held a Q&A session after. Students, teachers, film professionals and institutional representatives participated in the debate and valued the experience of working with and through cinema.