África Baeta
Journalist and presenter of the EITB (Euskal Telebista-Televisión Vasca) news programs.

Married to Santi and the mother of two daughters and one son, she believes in the family as a vehicle that gives meaning to life. She considers herself excessively passionate, and does things as if it were the last thing she is going to do in life.

Africa is always ready to help and collaborate with numerous associations and Non Profits. She has been the presenter of Begiradak since its first edition.

Telmo Irureta
Having trained at the University of the Basque Country in Teaching and Pedagogy studies, Irureta is an actor by vocation. He has already directed several short films, and has also done work as a screenwriter.

As if that weren’t enough, Telmo is also a monologuist in the show ‘Toquecito Minus’ amongs others.