JURY 2020

Blanca Zaragüeta

Postgraduate in Script and Cinematographic Direction, and has worked in the production of feature films. For the last decade, her training has been focused on making short films in schools and different collectives. Founder and director of the festival.
Ana Escribano

Ana Escribano

She studied at the Andoain film and video school and in 1989 began working in editing with Juan Ignacio San Mateo and Julia Juaniz in several feature films. Since then, she has worked and collaborated as an editor on numerous productions. In 1997, she joined the production department and has worked in films such as: ¡Sabotaje! by the Ibarretxe brothers; Yoyes by Helena Taberna and Dance Steps by John Malkovich. Currently, among other things, she is a collaborator of the Cinema in the Classroom program.

Jon Santamaría, jurado del Festival Begiradak

Jon Santamaría

Degree in Audiovisual Communication at UPV/EHU (2014-2018). SICUE at Universitat Rovira i Virgili (2017-2018) and Master in Cinema Editing at Escuela Superior de Cine y Audiovisuales de Catalunya (ESCAC) (2018-2019). Passionate about audiovisuals. He has made several awarded shortfilms and he has taught photography editing at ESCAC and La Hormiga Fest (Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y de la Comunicación de UPV/EHU). Member of the Youth Jury of  REC festival in Tarragona (2017) and winner of an PesMes marketing award (2017). Nowadays works as filmmaker for several entities such as Estudio Mariscal or IKERTZE among other.

Aia Kruse Goenaga, jurado del Festival Begiradak

Aia Kruse

Graduated in Performing Arts at the University TAI-Rey Juan Carlos, she’s starred in numerous films such as HandiaPerfect Happiness, Nora, and in the short films Ane or Las Vegas, for example. She’s also been part of many series, like La Línea Invisible or Velvet, she is currently filming another series. She founded and directed the non-profit Theatre for Roots, with which she wrote and directed La Patronita, a social theater piece that premiered in Madrid. She directed the documentary Lux Bona, which focuses on the dance company Metamorphosis and has directed the short film EZIN, which is currently in several festivals.

Josean Gómez, Jurado del Festivla Begiradak

Josean Gómez

Born in Donostia, March 28th, 1954. Degree in Philosophy and Letters from the University of Salamanca. Director of Cinematographic Production. From 1981 to 1986 he worked with different Basque Production Companies: Frontera Films, Aiete Films, Irati Filmak, Gaurko Filmak, Bizkaia Films and Igeldo Komunikazioa. From 1986 to 2018 he worked in Madrid with: Goya Films, Ión Films, Ariane Films, Ganesh Films, Ofelia Films, Arenal PC, BocaBoca PC, Cristal PC, Lola Films, and especially with the Tornasol Films Production Company, of which he was Production Director for 23 years.

Nominated for the Goya for the best Production Director on 2 occasions: For Boca a Boca, in 1994 and The Galíndez Mystery in 2002.