JURY 2021

Alicia Guadalupe

Alicia Guadalupe, began to be interested in the world of cinema when she participated in the Cinema in the Classroom project that was carried out at the San José School. In 2020, she developed a short about the earth and accumulated garbage, and the following year, she developed another in which she worked on the point of view of adolescents about the covid and what they think about the future.

Aia Kruse Goenaga, jurado del Festival Begiradak

Isabel Soria

Isabel Soria (Zaragoza, 1974), has been dedicated to the cultural field for more than twenty-five years. She has produced, directed and written more than 25 historical documentaries and seven short films. She has also written three books and among her great interests is the defense of cultural heritage from a holistic perspective.

Ana Escribano, jurado de Begiradak

Cesare Maglioni

Cesare Maglioni has directed a multitude of environmental documentaries and works of fiction, selected and awarded in more than 200 international festivals. He has participated as a director of photography in several professional works and is currently involved in two audiovisual productions with the audiovisual creation collective b <egiak zinema.

Josean Gómez, Jurado del Festivla Begiradak

Vesna Tripkovic

Vesna Tripković has led for many years the international film festival ZOOM in Slovenia, a festival for children and adolescents, which aims to offer young people the opportunity to present and show their work and have the opportunity to see the works from colleagues from Slovenia and around the world.

Jon Santamaría, jurado del Festival Begiradak

Jon Santamaría

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the UPV / EHU (2014-2018). He graduated from the Rovira i Virgili University (2017-2018) and the Master in Film Editing at the Escuela Superior de Cine y Audiovisuales de Catalunya (ESCAC) 2018-2019. Passionate about audiovisuals, he has made several award-winning short films at amateur festivals and has taught photography editing classes at both ESCAC and La Hormiga Fest (UPV / EHU Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication). Member of the Young Jury of the REC in Tarragona Festival (2017) and Winner in the micro-business category of PesMes marketing awards (2017). He is currently professionally dedicated to video production in general, working with various entities including Estudio Mariscal and IKERTZE among others.