Michel Gaztambide, jurado de Begiradak

Michel Gaztambide

Screenwriter of more than 20 films. Goya Award recipient in 2012, for the script of the film No habrá paz para los malvados. His script Vacas received numerous awards. He teaches script writing in various schools and Universities in San Sebastián, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

Mentxu Arrieta, jurado de Begiradak

Mentxu Arrieta

Doctor CUM LAUDE in Social Psychology. Diploma in Criminology and Master in Sexology. Screenwriter, painter, poet, comic actress (clown), assistant theater director, lecturer. Co-star of the documentary The Arrieta Method by Jorge Gil.

Esperanza Luffiego, jurado de Begiradak

Esperanza Luffiego

Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid, 1982-1987. Currently co-head of the industry department of the San Sebastián Film Festival since 2012. Audiovisual coordinator of the International Center for Contemporary Culture-Tabakalera, 2008-2012. Professor of history of cinema and audiovisual media at the faculty of human and social sciences, University of Deusto, San Sebastián, 1999-2003. Coordinator of the cinema classroom of the Sarobe Performing Arts Center, 1994-2002. Head of Programming at the Filmoteca de Andalucía, 1990-1991. Professor of filmmaking, script and audiovisual language at the ESCIVI vocational training center (film and video school), Andoain, 1988-1990.

Zuriñe Adrada, jurado del Festival Begiradak

Zuriñe Adrada

Graduate in art history. Pedagogue and founder of ARte Niño and Ikertze. ARte Niño, founded in the year 1983 in the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastián, was the first children’s workshop created in Spain. Seven years later, it became Ikertze, thereby incorporating new languages, music and dramatic expression. She then took the SAT program for educators, which opened up roads of self-knowledge and understanding as a person and as an educator. She is an experimenter and seeker, always from the eyes of and for the child.

Josune Lasa

Between the years 1980 and 1984 she dedicated herself to fashion design as part of the «Perplejos» group in San Sebastián. In 1983 she did her first job as a figurine maker in the movie Adiós pequeña. Since then she has participated in the art department of numerous feature films. She is currently a member of CIMA (Association of Women Filmmakers of Spain) and also designs costumes for theater.

Javi Aguirre
Director of photography. Since he started working, he has participated in countless projects, both in feature films and short films, as well as making commercials and video clips. With his last work in Handia, he won the Goya award for best cinematography. His latest works include films such as: Kalebegiak, Acantilado, Amama, and Loreak.
Jon Garaño

Film director. In 2001 he founded, together with other colleagues, the production company Moriarti, where he has worked as director and screenwriter on numerous audiovisual projects, such as the one recently released at the San Sebastián Festival, La trinchera infinita; the winner of 10 Goya awards in 2018, Handia; in addition to Loreak in 2014 and 80 egunean in 2010. He has also made several short films and documentaries throughout his professional career.

Fina Salegi

Producer. In 1980 she began her professional career as director of production for feature films, documentaries and commercials. She is one of the first women to have worked in production nationwide. She has worked with major producers and directors, both in film and in advertising.

Manuela Gómez

Secondary education philosophy teacher, Philosophy 3/18 trainer and GrupIREF member since 1990. Manuela has been the moderator of the Begiradak Film and Education Forum since its first edition.

Teresa Vicente Illoro, jurado de Begiradak

Teresa Vicente Illoro

Fine arts student at the Complutense University of Madrid. She has taken several specialty courses such as a landscape course taught by the landscape professor José Carralero and an intermediate photography course at DAETSAM. She has participated in the organization of several professional projects: Vía de la Plata Short Film Festival in Villafranca de los Barros (Badajoz), Begiradak International Festival of Amateur Cinema (Donostia) and the short film Aqui es Posible, Comunicación S.L., directed by Blanca Zaragüeta.creenwriter and script teacher. Member of the Festival jury and regular collaborator in dialogue sessions with students.

Unai Guerra

Filmmaker and professor at the Larrotxene cultural center. Unai participates in talks with the students and oversees the collaboration with the Larrotxene cultural center, which participates every year in the festival with the short films made in the audiovisual workshops.

Aizpea Goenaga
Filmmaker and actress. Aizpea is a regular contributor to the festival, and participates in dialogues with students and all the activities of the Cinema and Education Forum. This year she will be in charge of the creation and direction of the Awards Gala.
Olatz Beobide

Theater director and actress. Olatz participates every year in talks with the students who attend the screenings. This year she has implemented the Cinema in the Classroom program at the San José school in Donostia, which will also be presented at the festival.

Fernando Vera

Regular contributor to Ikertze, oversees the “Cinema in the Classroom” program in various centers. In addition, this year he will participate in talks with students that will take place within the festival program.

Enrike Amilibia
Actor. Enrike is a regular contributor to all of Ikertze´s film programs. He has always participated in the festival as an actor. This year he will be a member of the production team and will work as a manager of the gala.
Joseba Huegun

Film and video student at Atzegi. Joseba is part of the production team. Every year we count on his participation in the management of all festival activities.

Dani Pajares
Film and video student at Atzegi. Dani is part of the production team. Every year we count on his participation in the management of all festival activities.
Víctor Lumbreras

Film and video student at Atzegi. Victor is part of the production team. Every year we count on his participation in the management of all festival activities.

Andoni de Carlos
Diploma in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts from the TAI graduate school of art and shows, specializing in script. Later, he took several advanced script courses, and in 2015 he began working as a screenwriter on feature films and television series. Among his latest works is Handia, a feature film produced by Moriarti and Irusoin, with which he won the Goya for the best original screenplay in 2017.
Iñigo Lavado
Internationally renowned chef. He has worked alongside great chefs such as Martín Berasategi, Ferrán Adriá, Pedro Subijana, Alain Ducasse and Luis Irizar, resulting in years of learning, effort, demand and absolute dedication. Since 2000, he has run his own restaurant, SINGULAR, in the Ficoba exhibition center, in Irun. Iñigo is excited by challenges, immersed in different projects that allow him to share and enjoy what he likes the most: the kitchen. His participation in the Begiradak Festival will be a great challenge for both him and us, and certainly a great surprise for the public.
Paco Sagarzazu
Film and television actor. He got his first role in a feature film in La fuga de Segovia, and from that moment on, he has dedicated himself to cinema professionally, participating in countless productions. Among his latest and best-known works are the television series Cuéntame cómo pasó, and the feature films Aupa Etxebeste!, and Balada triste de trompeta.
Alazne Ameztoy
Sound technician. She has worked as a sound assistant in numerous series and feature films for cinema and TV, such as: Cold winter sun, Aupa Etxebeste!, Amama and Handia, among others. In addition, she has participated in more than thirty shorts and advertising spots. Recently, she has participated as a sound technician in films such as Dantza by Telmo Esnal, Oreina by Koldo Almandoz, and La trinchera infinita by Moriarti.
Iñaki Salvador
Pianist, arranger and Basque composer who studied classical piano, accordion, harmony, counterpoint and fugue, and was a student of such prestigious teachers as Jesús González Alonso and Francisco Escudero García de Goizueta, among others. In the field of modern music and jazz, he is basically self-taught, having received seminars from musicians such as Dave Liebman, Richie Beirach, Billy Hart and Roc McLlure and having also obtained his last degrees from top Barcelona schools such as the Taller de Musics or the Modern Music and Jazz Classroom, in the 80s. His pedagogical activity is maintained through teaching classes and seminars in different schools and conservatories, among them the prestigious Modern Music and Jazz Classroom and the Music Workshop of Barcelona. He has been a professor of Modern Music in schools such as Jazzle (Donostia) and in the Municipal School of Music and Dance of San Sebastián-Donostia. He is currently a piano-jazz teacher at the Musikene Higher School of Music of the Basque Country. He has his own theater company Vaivén Producciones together with Ana Pimenta. He has been a collaborator of the Festival since its inception.
Santi Ugalde
His vocation is street theater. Founder of the TRAPU ZAHARRA company, with more than 30 years of experience on the streets of our cities and towns. As a TV actor, his best-known character is Joxepo from the comedy series Vaya Semanita, broadcast on ETB. Currently, he plays Sabino Goikolea in the Antena 3 series, Allí abajo
Telmo Esnal
Basque film director. He started in the world of cinema as an assistant director. In 1996, he made his first short film Txotx, together with Asier Altuna. In 2005, he directed his first feature film Aupa Etxebeste!, also alongside Asier Altuna. His latest film, Dantza, shines a light on traditional Basque dance, to tell the story of the Basque people throughout centuries, using the four seasons.
Tolosa International Puppet Center. Launched in November 2009, it is a unique, attractive and interesting project that uses imagination, innovation and originality. It is the only comprehensive center for puppet art in all of Europe. As a center with an integral vocation, TOPIC has also become a meeting point for puppeteers from all over the world. A place to learn, show, research, produce and share experiences, information and reflections, and work in a modern, comfortable, functional space with high-level equipment.