IKERTZE is a private, non-profit cultural association with more than 30 years of existence.

We create educational projects -using art, cinema and philosophy, as tools to create them-. Our goal is to offer resources, so that the people and communities we form think more critically, creatively and carefully; offer resources to educate ourselves and learn to live better. By doing so, we plant the seed in order to impact the people participating in the programs.

We started working in the visual laboratory of the San Telmo Museum with plastic ideas in 1985. Subsequently, we developed multidisciplinary ideas (with citizen participation projects, integrating new forms of expression through group work). We took a closer look at the different artistic languages by creating pedagogical laboratories, in which girls and boys played and experimented with other forms of artistic expression.

All of these experiences have enriched our work and made us who we are today. This work can be summarized as follows:

  • Creating educational projects and personalized programs to promote coexistence.
  • Working with people with recognized disabilities to promote real inclusion -both in the framework of learning centers, as well as in the workplace-.
  • The designing and execution of programs that promote cultural activity.
  • The offering of art workshops in different contexts.
  • The offering of consulting services and training courses for educational centers and educators.